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Don Gray Customs

Got bored with the look of your Wildstar yet? Then take a look at Bobstar Customs in the USA. They're now selling new frames and swinging arms that will allow bolt on of all your parts and then some!

See www.dongraycustoms.com/ for more details or email


Chopper Frame

Pro Street Frame

Don Gray Customs is the only company currently makes a custom bolt-on frame for a stock Wild/Road Star bike. These patented parts are in bolt-on condition. This means that the engine and drive train will bolt right on without any rework, and accepts OEM shock and spring. Both frames accept all American aftermarket components. We offer the frame in two styles PRO-STREET or CHOPPER in any rake, stretch and rise. They are both available in single or double down tube, straight or curved.

4130 Chrome-Moly tubing (tensile strength of 95,000psi)
Backbone - .188" wall, 1" Rails - .120" wall, 1?"
Chrome-Moly tubing is both stronger and lighter than Mild steel tubing. Accordingly, a thinner wall tubing of Chrome-Moly (.083") is comparable in strength to mild steel (.120" or .134"). So when you have two similar frames of equal strength the Chrome-Moly version will be about 40% lighter.

All frames are TIG welded by ANSI/AWS certified welders under the supervision of CK Spurlock. Frames are assembled in custom made jigs and fixtures. This is the same material used in many race car frames.
Price: $3230 USD
Delivery: 2-3 weeks
Conventional Swing Arm

Signature Swing Arm

If you want to go a wider rear end then this swing arm kit is what you need. This kit will take you from a stock rear end width to a 230, 240, or 250. We offer a choice of two styles, conventional or signature.

PART NUMBER RSSA-250A - Conventional Swing Arm Kit includes:
Swing Arm Assembly frame with hidden axle set up
Rear axle 1" to fit an American wheel
Off-set pulley
Axle covers
Price: $1450 USD
Delivery: 2-3 weeks

Part Number RSSA-250B - Signature Swing Arm Kit includes:
Swing Arm Assembly frame with hidden axle set up
Rear axle 1" to fit an American wheel
Off-set pulley
Axle covers
Four chrome bullet ends
LED lights in tip of four bullet ends
1 " LED strip in curved axle plate
Price: $1725 USD
Delivery: 2-3 weeks
This front end assembly allows you to use your stock frame but get the pro street or chopper look. This set up allows direct bolt up of American aftermarket caliper brackets, fender mount brackets, handlebar mounts 3 1/2 " centres.
Assembly includes: Triple tree assembly with tubes 0-6 in stock length to 18" over. Complete bearing assembly with neck stem to attach to existing American frame. Front axle " for an American wheel.
Price: $2250 USD
Delivery: 2-3 weeks


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