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Build It (pt 4)


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Overhead view of Outback Seat - Cool Stitching! I needed a seat to match in with the new lines of the bike. Phil Piper knew Outback MC Saddles would be just the right people for the job. I had seen a flame design from Pure Kustom and showed Jed, Outback's owner, a picture from their web site. After some discussion, we settled on a two piece interlocking design with black, dual hide paneled, flamed stitch work. The seat was complicated in the fact that the extensions compromised the way the seat mounted, but this was eventually overcome with some careful thinking.

How thin is that rear pad? Nice profile thoughThe bike and new seats were picked up at the end of March, and they are absolutely gorgeous. You now sit a lot lower in the saddle and a bit more forward. The pillion seat is a lot thinner than normal (I'm not sure how my partner, Angie, is going to take this) but matches beautifully. The saddle changed the whole style of the bike into a leaner, more aggressive look.

Well done Jed and Tammy!

So now I had a longer, lower, faster, fatter, bike in black.

All that was needed now was a fantastic paintjob and some finishing touches around the edges of the bike - maybe a bit of engraving as well, who knows?

Tribal Flames idea from Pure Kustom.comThis is Pure Kustom's Tribal Flame design I saw last year, although there are some additional details that would benefit the overall look. In all we are going to paint the Fuel Tank, Dash Panel, Speedo Dial, Front and Rear Fenders, both Battery Covers, Air Filter Cover and Rear Indicators. At the moment there is some delay in the paintwork so the debut at the BMF Show in May is doubtful but check back to see the progress.

Soon to be fitted are:

Black Dot 7 inch Tri Bar Headlamp from Headwinds.
Billet Handlebar Clamp and Rectifier Cover from Pro One.
New Footboards and Swing Arm Covers from Arlen Ness.
Baron's Billet Starter Motor End Cap (Not a cover!).




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