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Build It (pt1)


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"Midnight Thunder" started life as a Yamaha Wild Star XV1600A that I bought in March 1999.

I first became aware of the model when I attended the National Motorcycle Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC in 1998. I was struggling to decide whether I should go for this, the  Harley Davidson Fatboy or the new Kawasaki VN1500 Nomad. No contest really...I hate radiators on bikes and Harleys cost too darned much!Basic Wild Star from the showroom
So, in December '98 I pop off to my local dealer (Arnolds in Leicester) and lay a nice deposit on a brand new, Black (the only colour available in the UK), Wild Star. On March 23rd 1999, I took delivery of my first brand new bike for nearly 19 years! What a rush to ride off into the sun on the best bike in town...YEEHAA!!
Three days later, some stupid runs into the back of me at a junction and causes 2000 damage. Four weeks afterwards and with lots of insurance damaged spares under my arm, I embarked on the search for louder exhausts, as the idiot driver said "I thought you had gone!" (Oh yeah - not heard that before, eh?). 
DG Performance Hard Krome 2.5" Twin Wall slash cuts were fitted up and what a difference! "Now you know I'm here!" But I wasn't satisfied - I'd got the bug -  need... more... chrome... need... more... fun! Only trouble was, I didn't know where to go to buy parts for this model.
Custom Wild Star at the NEC BirminghamThe 1999 NEC Bike Show soon stopped my lack of knowledge. Over on the Yamaha stand was a gorgeous, customised Wild Star, that had probably been imported from the States, just for the show. Nobody on the stand would give any information, but a couple of people gathered round said that "Barons in the States" did "that sort of thing". 


Aren't search engines on the internet a wonderful thing? After a few attempts I discovered www.baronscustom.com. All of my dreams would start to come true (and a few more!). On these hallowed pages, of true Star Lovers, were so many ideas, and great products.
I chose carefully, then not so carefully ('cos you do this when you're enjoying yourself), on various parts from companies all over the States and Europe.



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