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Rock & Blues 02

Rock & Blues pt2


Rock and Blues Custom Show 2002 .
25th to 28th July 2002

(Report and pictures by Nick Lappage)


The 19th Rock & Blues Custom Show was back at Coneygrey Showground at Pentrich near Ripley in Derbyshire, after last years move to Donington Park due to the Foot and Mouth scare. Last Years bands were fantastic but this year - well what can I say...! Doro, Rose Tattoo, Blaze, Girls School, Riff Master General, The Levellers, The Blockheads, 90% Proof and Novasmoke. And then there was the Trance tent, The Adult Channel Road Show and more besides. Were you there?

Well, here's a selection of the bikes that were there. Unfortunately the lighting for most of them was really poor, since the exhibition was held in a red and blue marquee that the light could shine through, so all the colours were lost in a sea of red. Apart from that, the bikes were great. There were some that had appeared from last year, but mostly all the bikes were fresh for 2002.


If you wanted a bit of a laugh, you just needed to go round the showground a gaze at all the fantastic characters that had come along. Not too long though, lest you get a punch on the nose! As usual the Doctor (Doctor and the Medics) was there as MC on the stage, ably assisted by Charlie one of the Friday Night DJ's from www.totalrock.com  and the lovely lass Jo on the stage decks who, it seems was requested to show her behind more than a couple of times. Once again the rain had held off for the weekend and it seems that, to quote the "Doctor", 'The sun always shines on the righteous', which is kind of a cool thought... The usual air show came along, though this time without any warning, so the compere couldn't really say anything about the display - we all just put our necks towards the sky and went 'Oooh' and 'Aaarrgh' as the pilot came very close towards us.

Okay, see if you can spot yourselves amongst this little lot of photos...

And these pictures are what went on at the main stage. Top bands - all of them - even if I don't remember some of them from my past... Mind you, The Blockheads were great, Riffmaster General was fantastic, Girls School were exactly the same as I remember and Dumpy (from Dumpy's Rusty Nuts - oh they were a long time ago) celebrated his birthday on the Saturday. Blaze had the 'unknown' lead singer from Iron Maiden during the time that Bruce Dickinson wasn't fronting them. Shore patrol, a drum group from Scotland entertained us twice as they proved to be extremely popular. They'll probably be back for 2003.

Rose Tattoo, an Aussie group, had finally come back to England after an enormously long break from our shores and showed us what was what with Aussie rock - it's not all like AC/DC or INXS!  A German lass called Doro Pesch was the headline act for Saturday night - she used to be in a band called Warlock? Now it might only be me, but the only song I recognised was that well known classic 'Born to be Wild'. But she looked good and sounded great.

The Adult Channel girls were doing their thing on the stage at various intervals and on the last night we were treated to them having a strip and a shower - all very wet and luscious. You could have always gone over to the Adult Channel tent and had a lap dance or pole dance if you needed to see more.

Once again the unanimously popular  Wet T Shirt competition went in to full swing, if you pardon the double entendre.

There's a much better report at http://www.bikersweb.co.uk/2002/rockandblues/review.htm with an equally large collection of photos. Or you can pop along to http://www.rockandblues.uk.com/ and see the official review as well.

Click here to see the show bike winners

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