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Devil's Own



The Devil's Own Custom Show - held at
The Glen Parva Manor Pub, The Ford nr.
Blaby in Leicestershire.30th June 2002

(Report by Nick Lappage)



This show used to be the Airman's Rest Custom Show in Leicester Forest East but, since they're going to knock the pub down, Phil Piper had to find a new location. And what a nice one he found too. The pub's a little bit tucked away from the road which meant that some people found it hard to find in the early part of the day. There again, the bike/car park became very full and lots of bikes had to park on the outside, so most everyone should have been able to guess where it was. There were a fantastic array of bikes this year - certainly over 70 competing for this years trophies that were sponsored by Back Street Heroes Magazine.


As you wandered around the show, you could almost guess which bikes were winners but not necessarily which class they'd get. There was one very tidy Yamaha engined bike that had been built with nearly all one off parts. It didn't look much until you got up close and realised that the exhausts come over the top of the engine and under the seat. The fuel tank was under the seat and the handlebars were really special with no controls and the mirror was part of the whole assembly. The very dark green paint kept the bikes' secret very well, but won Best Engineering. It also seems this is the same bike that got Best Japanese at the this years Welsh National Motorcycle Show. Cool.


Nearly all the bikes were Harleys or American Hot Rod type bikes which is great but we all need to see something different. So how about this then? Won Best Alternative I believe. There were also some great classic bikes, like a Honda 500 four which looked as though it had come straight out of the showroom nearly 25 years ago. It was in absolutely pristine condition. You could even see the new plating on the nipples and spokes!




There was also a behemoth of a trike. A Nitrous injected V8 Chevrolet engine that can run the quarter mile in around 13 seconds with a speed of 101mph. Not bad I can tell you. The rear wheels were enormous!

Mick and Helen Clark were there with this years bike Extreme Vision. I hadn't had a chance to look around the bike much before so today was an ideal opportunity to see why everyone is raving about the paintwork on this machine. I have to say you need to spend a good half hour - at least - to appreciate what's going on under all that lacquer. Stunning, clever,  yet not my cup of tea... Not that it matters. When you see them, go and have a chat, they are lovely people who just enjoy going out and riding their bike which is how it should be.



"Glasshouse" was the band of the day. A stunning rock cover band with Jane as the lead singer, Shane the drummer, Ian the bassist and last but by no means least - Jules and his "long playing guitar".  They had been put in almost the smallest room in the pub, (no jumping up and down in here I can tell you. But they still kicked ass and entertained the crowds that weren't watching the Brazil v Germany World Cup Final. If you can ever get to see them, go on down you will not be disappointed.




Anyroad, while the band were playing, the judging of the bikes was taking place by Phil Piper and his team. The crowds looked on and wondered, drank beer and ate whatever burgers, bacon rolls or hot dogs they could find. The event was also well attended by the Outlaws from Leicester, Derbyshire and Wales, as well as the National Chopper Club from Suffolk. Bikersweb were also there covering the event for posterity. Tigger was taking the photos and Matt Black was having an easy time of it for once - or so he said.



3.30pm came and eventually the judges had made up their minds and announced the winners, some of which can be seen below. The Best In Show went to this bike though, with Avon 240 section tyres fitted to the front and rear! Very tidy and it shows you don't need a flash paint job to win. Mind you it helps.





The two bikes here got Best Streetfighter and Runner Up Streetfighter. My mate Mick owns the one on the right. He was a bit miffed though as someone pointed out that one of his indicators had the lens missing and the inners had been cut out. Not nice to happen, but at least it wasn't at this show. It seems that he put it out of eyesight at another pub earlier in the week and didn't notice it until today. Just goes to show there are still some cheap skate thieves out there... The other Streetfighter is Harley based but I swear the girl riding it just ain't big enough - nice smile though.




And these two fine machines are Phil Pipers latest creations, which I'm sure you'll see over the next year if you go to any of the shows in this country (maybe even abroad - you never know). The green metalflake paint on Deb's bike is superb and must have taken an age to put on.


And what of my bike then? Well let's just say I got Best Japanese for the second year running and also won Runner Up for Best Paintwork - so I'm well chuffed. Two trophies and two baseball caps from Phil's Chopper Shack.

This picture's courtesy of the Leicester Chapter of the Outlaws MC. Click here if you want to see more of the show etc.

I must remember to not wear my sunglasses on top of my head next time the sun's out though. I've currently got two pale patches on top where the sun couldn't get through and I look right silly. Oh well. Seeya all later for the Americana which is only next weekend. Whoopee.

Oh, and here's the list of winners for the show:

Best Trike - Richard : Chevy V8 Nitrous
Runner Up - Denise : Kawasaki Z1300
Best Japanese - Nick Lappage : Yamaha Wildstar
R/U - Chris Athey : Honda CB500/4
Best Streetfighter - Sandra : HD Monoshock
R/U - Mick : Kawa ZXR750 (with new indicator!)
Best Engineering - Phil James : Yamaha XJ550
R/U - Weli : S&S
Special Best Classic - Claude Greengrass : 1929 Sunbeam Combo
R/U - Mr Burgess - Matchless 350
Best Alternative - Morten : Rat HD Panhead
R/U - Berta : BSA A10 Best Lowrider - Eve : HD Fatgirl
R/U - Steve HD Sportster
Best Paint - Mick & Helen Clarke : Extreme Vision
R/U - Nick Lappage : Yamaha Wildstar Best
Brightwork - Kevin Beardsley : HD Fatboy
R/U - Mark Kowalski : HD Heritage Springer
Best Chopper - Woody : Revtech Special
R/U - Reef : Suzuki GSXR
Best Harley - Pete A : HD Softail Custom
R/U Steve Cooke : HD Shovelhead
Best In Show - Simon Harris : Fire Damage HD
R/U - Mick & Helen Clarke : Extreme Vision


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