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Barnsley 02



Barnsley Classic And Custom Show
Barnsley RFC, Shaw Lane.
Sunday 21st July 2002

(Report by Nick Lappage)


Here we go then, the third year I've been up and the second year I've entered Midnight Thunder. We left Leicester at about 9.00am to meet other members of the Virago Star Owners Club (Centre 9) to ride in to the event together. A swift ride up in what was almost sunny weather. I'd forgotten how far up the motorway Barnsley was. It was amazing to feel how cold it got once we passed the Sheffield borders, brrrr (and this in the middle of the British Summer!)

As usual there were a great number of new custom bikes on display. Everyone who saw the new YELLOW low rider knew who'd got the best in show even before the judging had started. A wonderful looking bike - but where's the seat, we asked? "It doesn't have one", said the rider, Dave who then went on to add, " I've come down from Hull and my willy gets numb after a half hours riding". Now that's either plain, good old dedication to the adage 'Cool before comfort' or he's just downright dumb. He can't have ridden it much though as the paintwork wasn't even scuffed from where he rides it with his Levi's (hmm, methinks there's a van around the corner.)


There was another one of Mick Clarke's bikes there, this time an extremely, over the top (as always), Honda Valkyrie called 'Destiny's Vision', built by Destiny Cycles, which is run by the very capable Vic Jefford who won the Rock and Blues last year with his extremely low, white and blue Suzuki engined low rider. Apparently one of his other bikes is being repainted after a shunt by a lorry of all things!

Now this being a Custom and Classic show, I should include some pictures of the wonderful machines from yesteryear. And here they are, a superb Vincent Black Shadow (always a dream of mine to have one) and a strange racing machine that holds some sort of record or something...?



Of course the ubiquitous custom V Max had to be there (is there no end to their imagination?) as well as some brand new machine straight out of the work shop. Here's Phil and Debs latest rides which no doubt will be sold by the end of the year to make way for their next project.



The band did a good job as always and even had time to put on two different sets of costumes (in between beers and bacon butties, I guess).




If you had time to look in the car, oops sorry, bike park, you would have found an even greater wealth of machinery, which is strange as the crowd didn't seem as big as the last two years. Can't tell you why - it's just what I saw....



There was this years topical bike a Yamaha R1 all dressed up in Spiderman livery, and now called Spideryam. A good pun that was wasted on the kids 'cos they all thought "...great bike but it's a shame about the spelling." Doh! It seems that the owner of the bike also has a Lycra suit in the Superhero's colours and a great story about his father, who's not a small chap, having to wear them while the web was drawn in with indelible ink. You can guess what happened can't you? Yep that's right, the ink went all the way through and ended up giving his father a great set of webs on his back, front legs, arms - everywhere!!! Tee Hee.

Anyway, here's the list of winners:

Category Bike Winners name
Veteran & Vintage N/A N/A
Pre War N/A N/A
Post War Triumph 3TA E. Evans
Post '65 Standard BMW R90S Adrian Nurny
Concours BMW R90S Adrian Nurny
Scooter Lambretta A. Musgrave
Engineering 'Smokey Joe', Diesel chop trike  Les Jones
Junior Motoroma Mathew Field
Chop Revtech Hotrod Phil Piper
Streetfighter Suzuki GSXR 1100 D. Downs
Trike Chevy Trike Richard
Lowrider Ducati 900 Darmah Sandy
American HD Lowrider Dave
Paintwork Destiny's Vision Mick Clarke
Julie Harrison Memorial
Debbie Pegg Harley Sportster Lowrider
Best in Show HD Lowrider Dave

And here's their pictures:

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